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Can Hobbies Really Boost Your Employability?
Posted on 10 Jun 2015 | Comments: 0

Let's face it, most job advertisements receive over 150 applications within 5-7 days of being posted. The job market is incredibly competitive and it is a recruiter’s job to narrow down a mountain of eager candidates into a handful, who exceed the job description criteria.

Even after an extensive screening process, it is common for several candidates to remain in the race for a position. The next step of determining each candidate’s personality type and culture fit with an organisation can be trickier. 

Numerous factors are taken into consideration when determining the above. Although hobbies are never crucial when evaluating a person they do have some part to play in capturing a 360-degree view of a candidate.

Hobbies can often reveal little parts of a person, making them more attractive or suitable for a role. The presentation below outlines the most common hobbies and the sort of indication they can provide to hiring managers. 

Take a moment to see which of your hobbies you should be making apparent to recruiters.

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