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How to beat the winter blues...
Posted on 11 Jun 2015 | Comments: 0

It feels as though winter has been waiting on the sidelines all May and has finally been given a chance on field. Wasting no time, temperatures have plunged and daylight seems bleak, making it easy to comprehend why so many suffer from the winter blues.

We know it can be hard to fight off dejection in winter and we all can’t move to Miami. So here are some ideas to prepare for the winter months.

1. Take care of yourself

It’s important to not stop taking care of your body once the summer months and desire for a great beach body has passed. Try to keep all your healthy habits in tact, as a balanced diet, water consumption and the correct amount of sleep will provide the best foundation to fight off the winter blues.

We know the temptation to never leave your warm bed in winter is almost undeniable, but it’s a necessity to avoid oversleeping.

2. Plan ahead

Don’t stop doing the things you love because of the weather, plan fun activities and give yourself something to look forward to. This way there are little checkpoints throughout winter, making it feel not so endless.  You will be amazed by how much anticipation can brighten your mood.

You can also utilise winter, to plan far into the future. Why not start organising your summer vacation? What better motivation to pull you through the winter blues?

3. Stay Active

We get it, it’s cold, and it’s dark and more often than not raining. But the power of feel-good chemicals released in exercise outweigh all those elements.

Exercise is great for the mind and body; it is a stress reliever, a source of alone time and a natural mood booster, through the release of endorphins. 

4. Get some light           

Try and simulate daylight by making your environment as bright as possible. Often our bodies crave more daylight and for this reason we can fall into the winter blues. Try opening blinds and curtains, moving closer to windows or even artificial light solutions.

5. Pump up the music

Integrate music into your day, whether it be while in commute, at the office or whilst exercising. Listening to upbeat and cheerful music can dramatically increase your mood.

6. Make the most of Winter

We have gone over all the negative aspects of winter, but what about the great ones? There are a lot of awesome parts of winter, that are enjoyable and alone can help you dodge the winter blues. Figure out what you love about winter:

Is it winter fashion?

Do you love going to the snow?

How about snowboarding, ice-skating and skiing?

Making Snowmen?

Or just watching movies rugged up?

That’s a wrap of our winter blues tips; we know you’ll be just fine. If you have another solution to get through the winter months, please drop a comment below.

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