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Tech Spotlight - Symphony
Posted on 19 May 2015 | Comments: 0

If you haven’t realised, we are massive advocates of the Start-Up realm. That’s why we do this little thing called Tech Spotlight. This week the spotlight hits Symphony, the conductor of all your social media accounts.

Symphony is a content marketing tool that allows you to schedule and publish across all social media platforms. It also hosts a bunch of other awesome stuff, including:

  • Crosspost Scheduling Tool
  • Picture Suggestions
  • Image editing
  • Blog Application for Facebook Page
  • Automatic Sharing of Website blog on social media

A modern marketer wears many hats, and is often multitasking. Symphony allows a content marketer to streamline time-consuming tasks, within incredibly reasonable pricing packages.

Symphony may not have an interface as slick as Buffer, or the analytics of Sprout social. But it is a genuine marketing tool, packed full of features that are helpful in all the right ways.

To find out what we mean, click here. Comment below and let us know of a Start Up disrupting your space and worthy of being under the spotlight next. 

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