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The Pros Of Working In Tech
Posted on 28 Jan 2016 | Comments: 0

Have you ever tried to Google the pros and cons of the tech industry? It’s surprising to find how many people out there have negative views on dynamic industry.

Instead of drowning in negativity, let’s take a peek on the bright side first.

There’s no question about it, working in the tech industry can land a high-paying job filled with perks and benefits. Many organisations offer the latest technologies (laptops, phones, etc.), and some even provide lunches, free drinks, and many other perks and fringe benefits. While not every company is going to offer the facilities of Google, Amazon, and Facebook, plenty provide significant additional bonuses.

Here are some other key points:

1. Boredom? Never heard of it.

You will constantly be challenged to come up with solutions to problems and possibly come up with completely new innovations. Development requires creativity and tech will continue to capture your imagination.

One sure thing about tech is that it’s always changing. Think about the retail sector, where a decade ago e-commerce was a foreign language to most people and now represents a massive chunk of revenue.

2. Unemployment. What’s that?

Most, if not all employers need technology experts. Employers are continuing to hire more people in tech and as that happens you could be moving up the career ladder yourself. You could be moving from a junior developer to senior developer or even across functions from UX to QA to client facing roles. As long as you keep up to date, you will surely be going places. Refer to our blog here on the latest 2016 job search trends.

3. Flexibility and Work-Life Balance – it’s happening.

Tech companies have been some of the first to embrace the work-life balance with flexible arrangements such as working from home, or flexible start/finish times. Given are plenitudes of tools available like video conferencing, group chats and other software, you can keep in touch with colleagues from anywhere.

4. Freedom in Freelancing.

Options, options, options! If working for one company isn’t your thing, try freelancing, it’s a fantastic opportunity! Demand for contractors and freelancers is still high, so you can really choose your clients and projects. Freedom and choice – what more could you ask?

5. Ability to make a difference.

It’s no longer all about the money. Those that have worked in tech have truly made a difference to the world.

Take for example, these two Aussie startups that are bringing education to the 21st century. Check out Ediply, the easiest way to global education and EarlyWorks, digital documentation for early learning centres.

How about the impact IT has had on the health sector. Virtual healthcare application systems, electronic health records have delivered greater quality healthcare to people across the globe.

As we say it here, you can improve the world, one code at a time!

Of course, the tech sector also has its fair share of challenges. However, if you keep yourself up-to-date with technologies, and are enthusiastic about solving real-life problems with technology – there’s definitely a place for you!


If you are struggling to land a job in Tech, don’t fret. First Avenue is here to the rescue. At First Avenue, we provide tailored career-counselling services to help you get ahead. We will be able to guide you through improving your social profile & resume and advice you on the best way to land your desired job. Contact us via email at info@firstavenuegroup.com.au and we would gladly help you out.

Melissa Margoulis is the Chief Talent Officer at First Avenue Group, a company dedicated to connecting top organisations with top talent. Follow First Avenue for access to all the hottest career opportunities, news and industry trends in APAC. Be sure to follow First Avenue across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook for the hottest jobs, trends and news in APAC

Article Written by: Yee Lin Loke, Chief Digital Marketer & Melissa Margoulis, Chief Talent Officer

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